Corporate Social Responsibility (ESG) is one of the core values of Hansae Co., Ltd. which Hansae continues to develop with employees around the world, cooperating companies and local communities.


Hansae is operating an independent compliance team per C/O so that all supply chain transactions can be managed through regular visits.

  • Hansae Code of Ethics

    One key global compliance program is Hansae's Anti-Corruption Program.

    Hansae's Integrity Policy which outlines our commitment to comply with anti-corruption laws is adopted to all of our employees, owned factories as well as subcontracting factories.

    The Code of Ethics is posted in a place visible to all employees in both local language and English at all factories.

  • Hansae Code of Conduct

    Hansae's Code of Conduct (COC) reflects all relevant countries' local laws including labor and environmental laws and our customer’s regulations.

    All of our owned and partner factories are required to comply with our COC.

    The COC is posted in a place visible to all employees in both local language and English at all factories.

  • Hansae Conflict Minerals Policy

    Hansae prohibits its suppliers from using conflict minerals which may directly or indirectly finance or benefit armed groups in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and adjoining countries, in full compliance with USA Dodd-Frank Conflict Minerals Provisions.

    In order to ensure that the sourcing of components/ingredients for any new or existing products that are manufactured for our customers, we set up our own Conflict Minerals Policy.

  • Hansae Human Rights Management Policy

    Hansae has established a human rights policy based on the principles outlined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Labor Organization (ILO) Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, and the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises. We strive to respect the human rights of our employees, business partners, and all stakeholders, and make efforts to conduct our business operations accordingly.

  • Hansae Health and Safety Management
    System Policy

    Hansae is expanding the scope of its occupational health and safety policy to include all employees as well as subcontracting factories. Additionally, the company is establishing its own safety system and conducting ongoing self-audit monitoring to address high-risk industrial safety concerns in certain workplaces and subcontracting factories. External professional organizations and agencies are being engaged to provide trainings and monitoring services. Hansae is committed to transparency by disclosing its safety and health policies to stakeholders and ensuring that the utmost efforts are made to prioritize safety and health within the company.

    Hansae Health and Safety Management
    System Target

    Mid-to-Long-Term Goals Related to Safety and Health Management – 2029

    · Work-related fatality rate (employees): Maintained at 0 cases
    · Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) for significant work-related injuries excluding fatalities (employees): 0.35
  • Hansae Safety and Health Risk Factors

  • Hansae Monitoring Program

    Compliance & Sustainability team is responsible for identifying any social and environmental risk at all production facilities through internal/external compliance audits. The team cooperates with local C/O and business partners to find practical solutions for improvement and to monitor relevant policies and procedures.

    As part of monitoring, we regularly conduct self-audit at our registered factories based on global compliance program checklist. Data collected from the audit are shared through ERP system and e-mail communications between headquarters and local offices.

    As we review audit results, we encourage each factory to implement the most effective solution and focus on continuous improvement to minimize future risks and to provide better working environment for workers.

    To establish a safe supply chain system, we continuously monitor our supply chains' ESG risks through periodic self-audits.

  • Hansae Training Program

    Hansae believes that the training of employees is very important for organizational development and success.

    It is the process of enhancing the skills, capabilities and knowledge of employees for doing a job. Our employees can become more efficient, productive and increase their awareness and understanding on a variety of issue if they are well trained.

    In particular, we invest the most time and effort into New Hires Orientation training and all factories owned by Hansae receive annual training on labor, health and safety, and security training. Health and safety training covers topics on work-related situations such as fire safety, hygiene, emergency evacuation and use of chemicals.

    Furthermore, Hansae provides education on labor law, teamwork and collective agreements. Among many educations, Hansae offers Supervisory Skills Training through Better Work and internal grievance training to improve communication skills between employees and management and promote development at individual and organizational level. Hansae has also utilizes CompanyIQ(CIQ), a smartphone-based platform, as educational channel to effectively improve overall worker engagement.

    Hansae Vietnam and Hansae TN, our local offices in Vietnam, participate in the P.A.C.E. (Personal Advancement and Career Enhancement) program to promote and increase female workers’ social competence. Also, through HER Project, a global public-private partnership to empower female workers along global supply chains, Hansae Indonesia Utama expects to make women employees achieve better understanding and awareness about the importance of health at work and at home.

Welfare Program for Workers

Hansae offers numerous benefits for all employees at all C/O as part of welfare program.

We provide a variety of holiday gifts to workers and their families on local holidays and also run scholarship system to contribute to the education of workers’ children and local students. Moreover, our local offices organize annual corporate events and outings to enhance workers’ physical strength and teamwork.

In Vietnam, a famous speaker was invited to speak at a lecture hosted by Hansae. In Nicaragua, a nursing room was set up for the workers to use in order to further improve working conditions.